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About the Corporate Entertainment Professionals

CEP Spice up your corporate hospitality

The CEP team are one of the leading names in the world of party entertainment. With a fantastic range of unique and bespoke services, we stand out from the masses when it comes to hosting an event to remember.

Whether you’re looking for something which targets corporate entertainment services, or more casual affairs like birthday parties or weddings, we’re on hand to provide spectacles which’ll excite and amaze you and your guests in an instant.

For just a taster of what we offer, some of the acts we provide for customers include the likes of:

  • Themed events – such as 50 Shades, Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factor
  • Specialist acts – like Angle Grinders, Fire Dancers, Las Vegas Showgirls or Strolling Champagne Tables
  • Events – wedding, anniversary, birthday or seasonal holiday events
  • Bespoke services – which can be hired out and used at events like festivals or corporate gatherings

We’re proud of a lot of things here at CEP, with our performers all trained and experienced in entertaining guests from the first minute to the last. As well as that, some of the props we make use of are unparalleled by anyone else in the entertainment sector.

The world’s largest LED bird cage, 9ft-tall martini glasses, a huge dancing dinosaur (who you might have seen on Britain’s Got Talent) and gargantuan Transformer-sized robots are just a sample of the elite gadgets and gizmos we have on offer.

Want to discover more? Navigate through the rest of the CEP website and find something that’ll make your next party perfect. Get in touch either through email, or by contacting us on 08456 890256. We look forward to hearing from you soon.