Roaming through the party for another drink? Fear not – our amazing dressed champagne tables will bring the booze directly to you. These girls are kitted out with a dress which has been custom-built to accommodate a plethora of champagne flutes.

Each is perfectly balanced on a series of platforms, while wheels allow the table to glide through the crowd and offer people drinks. Even if the girls don’t reach you in time to quench your thirst, you’ll no doubt see one of them thanks to their glitzy and glamourous outfits.

The brilliance of our dressed champagne tables is they’re suited to pretty much every type of theme. Whether you’re looking for services for a casual shindig or a corporate event, these roaming tables are able to get the job done while leaving your guests smiling.

Are you interested in hiring out one of these tables for your next party? If so, feel free to get in contact with the CEP team as soon as you can. This is a popular act, which tends to book out quickly. Don’t miss your chance.