Human Champagne Tables


You may not have a clue what a living human champagne table actually is – and, to be quite honest, that’s fair enough. It certainly isn’t a term that gets thrown around casually in day-to-day life.

These unique performers stroll through the party on specially designed tables which are setup in such a way they’re able to balance 30-40 champagne flutes, while allowing for the wearer to glide about seamlessly.


Naturally, this isn’t some gaudy wooden plank waddling through the party – with the table itself covered up in a material that gives the illusion of a luxurious (albeit overly-large) ballroom gown.

It’s not just strolling champagne these tables can be used for though, with the option to instead make them static and serve things like canapes or chocolates. Much like with all the services CEP provide, there’s a lot of versatility on offer.

You can even customise the cloth which covers the table with your own branding and company colours if you’re hosting a corporate event and really want to impress your party-goers. You can book this and any of our other amazing CEP services now by getting in contact with us. Hurry though, this is a popular feature which won’t be available forever.