Royal Footmen

These beautifully and lavishly dressed Regal Servants will greet your guests with a right royal welcome with their unique blend of verbal wit, comedy banter and physical humour.

  • The Royal Footmen are meet & greet comedians!
  • Lavishly dressed with that added WOW Factor at first sight!


Imagine how your guests will feel on arrival, just before they enter; they see two red vibrant and beautifully dressed, Georgian Footmen waiting at the entrance…

These dynamic duo have over 15 yrs international experience which include performances at Buckingham Palace, the UAE Royal Family, 11 Downing St, Disney World Florida, Olympic and Commonwealth Games and the UEFA Champions League Cup Final just to name a few.

Winners of the European Street Festival Award these chaps are ideal icebreakers that will kick of your event with a bang!

What do they do?

First and foremost the Royal Footmen are interactive, razor sharp, comic comedians.
Armed with verbal banter and physical humour they create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere that makes the perfect ice breaker that is both classy and memorable.

As an example they will ask guests on arrival for the Password?
When the guests say they don’t know the Footmen quickly respond with a “CORRECT! You may enter!”

  • Here the Footmen will escort the Ladies in by the arm and Salute the Gentlemen.
  • They may mime rolling out the red carpet, opening imaginary doors, mime sweeping the floor in front of them or just simply guiding them through on their way.