Walkabout Performers

Squawk 7.4.2013 (43)

Have you ever been to a Chinese street party and thought it’d be wonderful to see one of the famous walking dragons at another event? With the help of the amazing CEP walkabout performers, you can achieve just that. We’ll hire artists who are able to don a gigantic costume and stroll amongst your guests – all the while garbed in colourful costumes.

It’s not just dragons though, with lots of other types of animals and monsters available. Just some of the creatures who you’ll find strutting through an event include: Dragons, Nomads, Giant penguins, Snow people, Dinosaurs and more.


It doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re throwing, you’ll be able to find the perfect performer which works not only for that theme, but also the tone of the occasion. The brilliance of our walkabout performers is their versatility when it comes to age range. From young to old, everyone will love these wacky characters.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on having a walkabout character at your next do, get in contact with the CEP team sooner rather than later. This is a popular service, and if you fail to let us know what you want early on, you may miss out. Don’t let that happen to you.