15 Fantastic ideas for kids’ birthday parties 

As if organising a great children’s party wasn’t stressful enough, adult peer pressure seems to have upped the ante. Over the years, they’ve got more extravagant and impressive, but the simple things still please kids and a party doesn’t have to cost a fortune to go smoothly.

Spend wisely, and you’ll organise a great party that is sure to impress all attendees – whatever their age.


1. Invite kids and their toys to a teddy bear picnic party
Face paint3
Ask all of the youngsters to bring a favourite teddy bear – or any other stuffed animal – and set up a dining arrangement for children and toys to enjoy together. It’s best set up on the floor with picnic blankets, cushions, plastic cutlery and snack-based foods.

A teddy bear picnic could easily be outdoors or indoors, depending on the amount of room and the number of kids attending.

Time can be spent dressing up the toys with outfits bought from a craft store. You can also cut up old clothes to make scarfs and other accessories for the teddy bears. To prevent all of the kids fighting for outfits at once, arrange for face painting at the party and suggest they get their faces painted similar to the stuffed animals. As an added extra, you could get each child a new stuffed friend to take home instead of having party bags.

2. Get active with a trampoline party

If you’d like a party that tires over energetic kids out, see if there is a trampoline park near you. They’ve been springing up all over the place in recent months and many offer party packages that include jumping time, supervision and food in the price. If you’re busy, it’s an easy one-stop-shop for your kid’s party.

3. Enjoy the excitement of a carnival party

circus-2If you’ve got the time, a carnival themed party is worth the added effort. It’s perfect for those with a big garden and you can rope in family and friends to help decorate, cook food and generally be an extra pair of hands.

Create some games – such as beanbag toss, mini golf and ring toss – for relatively little cost and hire in a puppet show and confectionary stands for added enjoyment. It’ll also help knowing you’ve got extra people to entertain the children.

With a carnival party, there’ll be loads of different things for active kids to get involved with and it’s something parents can enjoy with them.

4. Get messy with a chocolate making party

A chocolate making party will please all kids with a sweet tooth – which is probably most. To prepare, you can buy moulds of all different shapes and sizes at craft stores and add a lot of chocolate to your weekly supermarket shop. Make sure you pick up some decorations too for the kids to get creative with.

It’s best if you melt the chocolate safely yourself and give each child an individual pot to pour in their chosen mould. That way, one sneaky kid won’t be eating all of the chocolate. They can then decorate until their hearts content.

You’ll have to be prepared for quite a bit of cleaning up after, but every child gets something to take home with them. You could stick lollipop sticks in some of the chocolates for a sweet treat on the go, without the sticky fingers. To minimise mess further, you can put down parchment paper to catch all the melted chocolate that inevitably gets spilt.

There’s other things you could rustle up in the kitchen too. Try cake making and decorating, or pizzas for a savoury take. Pizza bases are available at most supermarkets and the youngers can pick their own toppings, so even the fussiest will be happy.

5. Solve clues on a scavenger hunt party541481_10151262343146256_1367600838_n

One for older children – you could set up an exciting scavenger hunt full of clues and challenges. In such a hunt, players follow a series of clues, often posed as riddles, along a predetermined path set by you that leads to a prize. Although they’ll all be working against the clock to find the main treasure, make sure there are smaller prizes to be found along the way. Then everyone is a winner.

If you’re stuck for ideas, clues are mainly just simple messages to work out. For example, ask ‘what’s black and white and read all over?’ and put the next clue in a newspaper. You can mix it up with some more engaging hints. For example, hire a balloon modeller to blow up rabbits or flowers if you’ve hidden the next clue under a hutch or flower pot.

6. Have an adventure with a bonfire party 1393646_795639990462615_2116485021_n

If you’re organising a birthday party for the last precious months before it’s too cold outside, you could have an outdoor adventure party. Spend the afternoon in the fresh air building shelters and learning about creepy crawlies.

Turn it into a camping event with a fire to toast marshmallows in the evening to extend the fun. For a memorable and unique twist, how about having some giant LED robots make a surprise entrance?

7. Be energetic with a sports day

You could go to a local park or hire out a venue to host a sports day party. There’s got to be something for every child to have a chance at winning, though. So plan activities in advance. Ideas include: relays, space hopper obstacle courses, sack races, egg and spoon races and tug of war.

Get the music going, give out medals to all attendees and make sure there’s plenty of food and drink for the young competitors. Don’t forget about hot and cold drinks for the parents that stay and get involved too.

8. Have fun at a film-themed party

You’ve probably watched your child’s favourite film countless times. So why not put that knowledge to good use? Impress them with a party themed around the film. It’s likely that their friends will love the film too, so ask them to dress up as characters and decorate a venue or room in your house. For example, if they loved Finding Dory, make it feel like you’re under the sea with blue streamers and give out blowing bubbles.

Perhaps your child is a fan of Disney’s The Good Dinosaur or Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. In fact, most kids love dinosaurs – so impress them with an eight-foot high walking t-rex.

9. Be creative with arts and crafts

If you’re willing to deal with the messy aftermath, a party dedicated to arts and crafts is great fun for a mix of ages. You can buy supplies from a craft store to paint canvases, make fabric pom poms, plait friendship bracelets or decorate photo frames.

The options are endless, but it’s best to stick to one activity – you can practice beforehand and show the kids how it’s done. If you have an example, they’ll know what the end result should look like and will feel inspired to come up with their own ideas.

Be sure to fuel their creative juices with a picnic – a range of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and dips, warm pizzas and cupcakes will do the trick.

To control the mess as much as possible, provide aprons or ask parents to bring a spare set of clothes for their youngster.

10. Fascinate with a science party

You can learn how to make silly putty, write secret messages in milk and other fun science activities online to amaze children with a science party.

You can also hire people in to put on an impressive show. CEP’s Bubble man and his team of Bubbleologists, for example, can do a range of tricks using the magic of bubbles. It will surprise and delight for a party you’ll all remember.

11. Keep it simple with bowling

It’s easy to get carried away with all of the party ideas on the Internet. But don’t forget about old classics. Bowling, for example, never gets old and kids always enjoy a bit of friendly competition with their mates. Most bowling alleys offer party packages as well, so you don’t have to worry about making the food.

Make sure you collect some change beforehand, though, for when they inevitably ask to play on some of the arcade games.

12. Get in the spirit with a pirate party Johnny Depp 05

Grab a tonne of eye patches from a craft store and invite young mateys to a pirate party. You might need to spend some time and money on the decorations (think sails, swords, treasure chests and the odd parrot), but the kids’ imagination will do the rest.

There are some great games too – treasure hunts, walk the plank and ring around the sword. If you want to make the party extra special, consider hiring one of CEP’s mix and mingle performers. Jack Sparrow, for example, would delight youngsters and be the talking point of the playground for weeks afterwards.

13. Have fun at a disco party

SmileyHeads-3Book a local venue, arrange some great music and host a disco for your children’s party. You can hire some smiley heads or disco ball heads to get the party going. They can get involved with traditional party games – such as pass the parcel and duck, duck, goose – as well as pose for fun photos.

It’s a great way of keeping up the energy and ensuring your party stands out from the crowd. Just don’t forget the balloons, fairy lights, party food and plenty of fruity drinks.

14. Go wild with a zoo party

Arranging a trip for your child and all of their friends to go to the zoo can be a logistical nightmare, as well as an expensive party. So why not recreate a zoo at home and get animal masks or onesies for the youngsters to wear? In keeping with the theme, you can play games like sleepy lions and pin the tail on the zebra.

For something fun and unique, get a crazy chimp to join the party – they can come in a range of whacky suits and will entertain kids of all ages.

15. Relax with a movie night

For a somewhat quieter party, you could host a movie party. The requirements are simple – lots of cushions and blankets, as well as plenty of pizza and popcorn. Make sure you decide the choice of films beforehand and check all of the technology works on the day.

For the occasion, you could put down a red carpet and get the attendees to dress up as movie stars. It’s best to make it a sleepover – in case they fall asleep during the movie marathon anyway.

If you want to make your kid’s birthday party extra special with one of our unique services, get in contact with CEP to book.