16 Amazing Wedding Reception Ideas

16 Amazing Wedding Reception Ideas You Will Love

Weddings are increasingly becoming more of a status symbol for a bride and groom. Nobody wants to be the couple whose wedding is quickly forgotten about, or, worse than that, remembered for all the wrong reasons. The last thing we’d want to do is set you up for a dull affair, so here are 10 amazing wedding reception ideas that will make your special day one that will live in your friends and families’ memories for years to come.

1. Wedding Piñata

A wedding reception is always a fantastic way for your nearest and dearest to wish you well and send you forward as a married couple in blissful harmony. But while it’s always nice to kick-off married life with well-wishers passing on their congratulations, the whole process can be arduous and lengthy.

Instead of going from person to person as you attempt to engage in small-talk with a distant cousin you haven’t seen since you were 12, why not liven things up with a destroyable piñata full of personalised messages from your guests?

Entertain yourselves and your guests all at once by bashing a paper animal (or whatever design you wish to purchase) to pieces, before collecting up the individual messages that fall out when you finally break through. It’s all the gooey lovey-dovey stuff, with a bit of fun thrown in.

2. Hangover Helper Kit

Let’s face it – people enjoy the odd tipple or two after the ceremony is done. Another fantastic wedding reception idea comes in the form of a hangover helper kit – designed specifically for the messy morning after.

Several manufacturers offer this bundle, with common items including a free bottle of water, an eye mask to keep your eyes sheltered from the blazing morning sun, ear plugs to drown out the traffic and even some ibuprofen to douse that splitting headache.

While not everyone at your special occasion is going to be knocking back the booze, it’s safe to assume that more than a few of your guests will think of this little beauty as something of a godsend.

3. Transportation from ceremony to reception

Nobody wants the hassle of trying to find their way from the ceremony hall to the wedding reception itself after your special moment, so why not provide guests with a unique way of travelling?

Whether it’s in stretch limousines, old school buses or even something as grandiose as a hot air balloon, transport your loved ones to their party destination in a completely creative and original manner.

A hot air balloon journey in particular is something that a lot of people may not have tried before – but be sure to stress that if people feel more comfortable driving, they can still do so. Not everybody deals with heights just as well.

Wedding Transportation

4. Confessional Booth for wedding goers

If you’re making a wedding video to revisit lifelong memories of your special day, then setting up a confessional booth for attendees may well be the way to go.

While these hidden video recordings may not necessarily carry messages as deep or earth-shattering as your standard confessions booth in a Catholic church, the privacy of these hideaways allows people to really open up.

Whether that’s a good or a bad thing really depends on the nature of your guests – but whatever the case, it’ll always be fun to watch back what they had to say after the event. Here’s hoping you have a decent set of friends who aren’t going to be too scathing.

5. Hire out a local food truck

Not everybody wants to serve up a fancy three-course dinner at their wedding reception, so a somewhat out-there idea could come in the form of a custom food truck or two.

While a single vendor might only specialise in a certain style, a bevy of trucks – your own little brigade – could keep guests happy with a vast array of cuisines, from your standard burger and chips to a slightly more ‘classy’ pita wrap option.

So long as you ensure you’re keeping attendants happy with a varying range of recipes, nobody should have too much of a problem with chowing down on some slightly more tasty snacks over your standard run-of-the-mill wedding menu.

6. Bouncy Castles

Maybe it’s a tad childish – but you show me any fully grown adult who doesn’t still love bouncy castles and I’ll show you a very bitter person.

Whether you’re six or sixty, what more could you ask for after a ceremony than bouncing around on a specially designed white wedding bouncy castle at the reception? Hours of fun can be had with these inflatable fun factories, which help to make your special day just that little bit more unique.

That said, we don’t really advise that you get involved with this one too quickly after tucking into dinner. Bouncing up and down on a full stomach probably isn’t the smartest strategy for people dressed to impress at a wedding.

7. Word search napkins

Who doesn’t love a word search? One of the simplest joys in the world could now keep your reception fun, while also keeping your guests on their toes and stimulating their brains.

A variety of providers will manufacture napkins for you, which can be personalised with words and names that are relevant to your special day.

From standard words like ‘cake’ and ‘ring’, to personal names of the bride and groom (or even some of the more notable guests), the options are endless for this individual and fun wedding reception idea. Just make sure to provide guests with a full list of the words that they’re looking for to tick off.

8. Personalised comedy pamphlets

There can be a lot of sitting around and awkward talk at tables between guests who may not be that familiar with each other prior to being placed together.

A good way to break the tension is by providing them with a personalised comedy pamphlet each to mull over and share a giggle with as they break the ice.

While producing a 4 or 5-page pamphlet filled with purely individual and personal information about the bride and groom might take some time and effort, it serves not only as that aforementioned tension-killer, but also a funny memento of the day. Well worth the hassle.

9. A wedding colouring book to keep the kids entertained

Kids are always a hard one to keep quiet and under control at a wedding reception, but by providing the little ones with a wedding-orientated colouring book, you can go a long way to maintaining sanity.

While a wedding-specific book is not necessarily a requirement, it could only be a good thing to offer them a helpful reminder exactly why they are there in the first place and whose special day it is.

Kids will always be kids, but by providing this book you can just do that little bit more to ensure they remain under control in an environment where they might be prone to acting up and drawing attention away from the happy couple.

10. Strolling Champagne tables

Here’s an idea that’s a little out there – why not make the most of CEP’s fantastic offerings to hire your very own walking champagne table? Never heard of one? Have no fear, it’s a simple concept to grasp.

We’ll simply place a CEP performer in a specially designed dress which is capable of transporting a collection of champagne flutes around your reception.

The team member in question will offer up casual small talk while providing your guests with a refreshing and free glass of champagne. The mobile nature of the ‘champagne table’ means that loved ones don’t need to seek her out – she’ll find you in time while you’re enjoying the frivolities.

11. An outrageous communal dessert

Rather than serving up the traditional wedding cake, how about offering your guests one slice of a gigantic communal dessert?

‘What’s the difference between that and serving up a slice of cake?’ I hear you ask. Well, how does the idea of a 100ft banana split sound to you?

Okay, this idea isn’t for everyone – but it would stand out as an original and edgy idea which could be fun for the whole family. That said, I’m not sure the grandparents would approve as much.

12. Guestbook advice cards

Providing guests with advice cards is another way to go – allowing your friends and families the chance to leave feedback on your special day and offer advice going forwards.

While you may want to stick away from sensitive questions like “do we make a good couple?”, queries like “Should we get a pet?” or just general “Words of wisdom and advice” cards can only be useful.

Much like the wedding piñata, these cards provide you with a helpful way of garnering information from loved ones without having to go person-to-person for the information.

13. Stilt walkers, showgirls and fire breathers

If you really want to add a little pep to the reception, then the use of talented and skilled performers could make the difference between a dull affair and a wedding that’ll be spoken about for years.

This unique idea creates something of a spectacle for all involved, with trained professionals gripping the entire family with their unbelievable fire-breathing skills. Whether you’re six or sixty, watching someone blast fire from their mouth never gets old.

Stilt walkers also help to add atmosphere to a party, with a variety of different styles – from Geisha walkers to Las Vegas – able to provide the right tone for your own personal event. Showgirls are also available if it’s a kids-free zone and you want to make things just that little bit more risqué.

14. Enter the room in style

Any random bride and groom can casually stroll into the room with their nearest and dearest applauding. Why not spice things up a bit by making an entrance they won’t forget in a hurry?

These sort of kick-offs to events are becoming all the rage, with a happy couple able to personalise their entrance according to their tastes or interests. Whether you want to ceremoniously stroll into the reception to the sound of the Star Wars theme – naturally dressed to the nines in Jedi robes – or want to recreate a famous scene from a movie like Titanic, give your guests an entrance they’ll remember for years.

On top of that, a fun entrance detracts from any awkward moments for people who feel anxious about an entire room starring at and clapping for them (at least if you’re putting on a show it makes some sense).

15. Price is right prize wheel

This one is completely different to anything else we’ve covered on our list. It’s not necessarily ‘easy’ to find a giant wheel recreating the famous television show, but if you do (or make one yourself) you can have guests individually come up to the makeshift game and play for prizes.

It won’t be very fun if everything that appears on the wheel are positive treats for people, so why not throw some (light-hearted) negative options in there too? We’re thinking something along the lines of: “have a dance with Granny” or “do a lap of the dancefloor”.

Equally, some nice prizes could include stuff along the lines of “get a free glass of champagne”. The game will keep people entertained at all times throughout the party and is accessible and fun for all ages (that said, it’s probably best to have a “free juice” option for the kids as opposed to more ‘adult’ drinks).

16. Jenga on the lawn

Rounding off our list is a party game we all enjoy playing the whole year round. Jenga involves stacking high a selection of wooden blocks, with the aim to remove them one by one without the overall tower toppling down onto you.

While the standard version of the game takes place on something as small as a dining room table, special gigantic size pieces can be bought to be used on the lawn. In an ideal world, no wedding reception will be complete without a gargantuan game of Jenga being played.

This is likely going to be a very popular addition, so it might be wise investing in more than one set so multiple parties of people can play at once. With the alcohol flowing it’s also probable the rules will quickly go out the window, so remember not to be too strict when it comes to enforcing the ‘laws of Jenga’.

These are just a few wedding reception ideas people might love, but when it comes to your special day, let your creative juices flow and make your event a memorable one for years to come. Whether it’s a walking-talking champagne table, or a huge Price is Right wheel, do something that people will never forget. If you want a special reception for you wedding, get in contact with CEP and book out one of our many services.