50th Birthday Party Ideas: How to Mark the Occasion

Getting merry with your mates never gets old – which is why we at CEP have decided to provide you with a comprehensive list of 50th birthday party ideas to help you celebrate the right way when you get to this special age.

Life begins at 50. While the kids might think you’re a little past your prime, it doesn’t mean you can’t still go out of your way to have an exciting event once you’ve tallied up your half-century.

We know you’ll absolutely love at least one of the ideas we provide on this list and the CEP team provide you with every adult birthday party idea your heart could wish for.

From concepts which are common, to themes which are a little out there, let’s take a look at eight 50th birthday party ideas which will provide you with some inspiration for an upcoming shindig.


1. The Great Gatsby

With this movie given a new lease of life by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire in the recent 2013 adaption, the concept of throwing a party in the style of Gatsby himself has unsurprisingly also come back into fashion.

The event is for all intents and purposes simply a 1920s flappers party, and as such will play host to a variety of entertainers and services which are designed around the themes of the time. These include the likes of:

  • Flapper dancers
  • Showgirls
  • Singing waiters
  • Jazz musicians

While you probably won’t have many guests at your party who actually remember the roaring twenties (unless you know some seriously groovy centenarians), this theme has been a popular one for decades – and will take people back to similar parties of their youth.

If you’re a gentleman, why not dress up as the great man himself? Ladies can take another approach, and choose to come decked out as his long lost love, Daisy Buchanan. If you don’t want to get into character, you can always just rock up as a generic guy or doll from the era.

With the air blaring with the sounds of the twenties, and people losing their inhibitions on the dancefloor, you’re sure to make your birthday one which people will still be talking about in the 2020s.



2. Asia

Continents don’t come much more versatile than Asia – which is why plotting 50th birthday party ideas around the Eastern corner of the globe can prove to be a fantastic success. While this might not be a theme which instantly springs to mind, Asian culture is something which is becoming increasingly popular, regardless of your own personal heritage.

The most prevalent brand of entertainment which falls under this bracket comes in the form of oriental events – with the primary focus of these parties being to bask in the glory and spectacle which has become associated with the Japanese and Chinese in recent years.

Asian parties of this variety will commonly see people booking out:

  • Geisha girls
  • Geisha stilt walkers
  • Sumo wrestling suits
  • Living statues and Chinese acrobats
  • Bollywood Dancers

It’s not exclusively oriental designs which you can elect to use at your event, with the ever-popular Bollywood theme also serving to provide partyers with a unique taste of Asia – this time in the form of India. The versatility of these kind of events make them a massive appeal, with people able to immerse themselves in a variety of cultures.

There’s always a question of taste when it comes to imitating a foreign culture (even if it’s done respectfully), so make sure you only hire out acts which have been tried and tested when it comes to showing the admiration for the Asian theme in question


3. Masquerade Ball


Paper faces adorn the scene when a masquerade ball rolls into town, with every face in the house hidden behind either a ghastly ghoul or an angelic figure (it’ll probably be an improvement for some people). In reality, there are no limits when it comes to the kind of design you can have on your masks – meaning guests have the option to custom-make their own.

This style of party has been made popular by its inclusion in some impactful works of fiction over the years – including most notably Romeo & Juliet and the Phantom of the Opera – and could now be immortalised in your own personal timeline by electing to use it for your special day.

Perfect complements to this type of party include services like:

  • Violinists
  • Harp players
  • Roaming masked champagne tables

You can choose to either treat the ball in its truest form – with nobody having any idea as to who you or any of your guests are behind the masks – or make it a little more casual and allow people to reveal their secret identities throughout the night. Let’s face it, nobody is going to be too comfortable stuffed up under a plastic disguise for several hours without a break.

Similarly, you can either choose to adhere to the traditions of a ball and have everyone waltz around, or instead elect to scrap that and blare out some funky beats from more contemporary artists. The decision lies totally in your own hands.



4. Las Vegas


Viva Las Vegas. What could be more exciting on your big day than playing craps or taking a spin on a roulette wheel – all the while with a beautiful showgirl on your arm? Alright, so maybe it isn’t something the ladies have always dreamed of, but I know a lot of 50-year-old men who probably can’t think of many things better.

While this falls well and truly under the category of solely adult birthday party ideas (it might not be appropriate to take kids to an event like this), you can nevertheless still have a lot of fun – even if the children are left at home.

There are a plethora of services which will work perfectly alongside this theme, with just some of them including the likes of:

  • Las Vegas Showgirls
  • Roulette Tables
  • Blackjack Tables
  • Magicians
  • Acrobats

With the cocktails flowing and the party atmosphere racing along smashingly, you’ll lose yourself in the all fun of gambling away your money. Don’t worry though, you’ll only be using play money – which is most often given to you and your guests at the start of the night when walking through the door.

It’s all the fun of a wild night out on the Vegas strip, but with far less of the potential repercussions. Some would say it’s the perfect blend of both worlds – fun and games, without crawling home penniless at the end of the evening.


5. Enchanted Forest


Take a stroll through an enchanted forest at your next annual shindig, with a specialist service which sees a 50th birthday party idea that’ll add a completely new element to your celebrations. Mystical majesty will captivate guests, with all sorts of fantastic displays on show to make your event memorable for years to come.

This theme is particularly popular for partyers who have a fascination with fairy-tales and fables, as it allows you the chance to live out the childhood fantasies you always had of frolicking in a magical world, without anyone questioning what on Earth it is you’re doing.

As you can probably imagine, there are a myriad of different additional services you can book to accompany this kind of soiree, with some of the most popular including the likes of:

  • Giant bird cages
  • Tree Stilt Walkers
  • Moving trees
  • Fairy acrobats

Half the success of a party like this comes in the form of the décor you choose to adorn the room with. Go for as “woody” a feel as possible, with lush greens and maybe even the odd vine or two covering the hall you’re booking out.

It’d be really worth going all out for an event like this. Making the room itself look as much like a forest as possible will give the party an atmosphere you could only replicate by hosting it inside an actual woodland – which might also be a good idea if you’re determined to make the evening as perfect as can be.


6. Circus


Roll up, roll up; adult birthday party ideas have just reached a new height! All the fun of the circus is about to rock up in town, with a fabulous circus-themed gala the perfect way to mark your 50th birthday celebrations in style.

This is arguably the most versatile of the themes we’ve suggested thus far, simply because when you think of the big-top and the acts which perform there, there are very few elements which are written in stone. While you’ll need the odd clown or two, as well as a ringmaster, the rest of the event can be almost solely left up to your own imagination.

Really stretch the limits of your creativity with this one and think about hiring out performers who you wouldn’t expect to see at other events your friends are hosting. Some ideas could include:

  • Walkabout animal puppeteers
  • Themed stilt walkers
  • Angle grinders and fire performers
  • Human statues
  • Acrobats

You have the potential to make this type of event as colourful and vibrant as you can – so don’t miss a beat and fill the venue with as much spectacle and sound as your eardrums are willing to take. All that said, it’s not recommended you employ the use of actual animal acts during the show – for both their own and you and your guests’ safety.

Regardless, this is a 50th birthday party idea with limitless potential and certainly one you should think about booking in the future if you’re looking to make a splash and impress your attendees.



7. Burlesque


Remember when we said the Las Vegas theme wasn’t one which would be very kid-friendly? That also applies, considerably more so, when it comes to throwing an event which is aimed at showcasing all things burlesque. This certainly falls under the category of an adult only birthday party idea, with the wee ones needing to be left at home.

This risqué service sees a bevy of beauties kitted out in not very much at all, as they provide a thrill for your guests. It’s best not to show preferential treatment to either of the sexes – which is why you’re going to want to have a range of both men and women strutting about as eye candy for everyone.

While one notable act which springs to mind might be a classic burlesque strip-tease in the middle of the dancefloor, other services you may wish to add range from:

  • Burlesque stilt walkers
  • Giant Martini glasses
  • Giant props for dancers
  • Showgirls

This may be a theme which borders on being a little past the line, but, when done right, actually has the potential to be one of the classier acts you’re likely to see at an adults-only party. Don’t be afraid to rock the cradle a bit and branch out with this unique and elegant concept for your next do.


8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Our final inclusion will be very hit or miss, dependent on whether you’re someone who loves to gorge themselves on chocolate or not. If you’re anything like us however, this probably sounds like your idea of heaven incarnate.

Naturally, you’ll want to model the room around the famous factory itself, with all sorts of crazy contraptions serving as the wondrous machines which churn out the goodies which made Mr. Willy Wonka famous across the world.

Unlike some of the other themes we’ve thrown your way, this is an event where there’s the possibility to hire out some very specific acts, including:

  • Oompa Loompas
  • Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka lookalikes
  • Chocolate fountains
  • Roaming sweet tables

It’s perhaps most important of all to make sure your guests are stocked up with as many chocolate and sweets they can get their hands on. The last thing you’ll want at an event based around a famous chocolatier is a lack of the brown gold itself. Guests will be far from happy.

Have any of these 50th birthday party ideas given you inspiration for your upcoming event? We certainly hope so – because the CEP team are always on hand to provide you with professional entertainers who can turn any event into one your guests will be talking about for years to come.