Booyakasha! Ali G is here to lighten up your party with his ridiculous antics! Okay, maybe not the bona fide Sacha Baron Cohen version, but one of CEP’s most talented lookalike performers who has the mannerisms and persona of the noughties rude boy down to a T. 

While some of the younger members of an event might not be all that familiar with the sensation from Staines, anyone aged 20 or over will fall over themselves laughing at the amazing homage that’s being played to one of the most iconic television characters of the early part of the 21st century.

The beauty of all of our lookalike acts is they can be utilised at practically any kind of event – from a corporate gathering, to a wedding, to something as grandiose as a festival. No matter where the frivolity is occurring, Ali will be on hand to raise spirits. Respek.

This act can work as the showpiece of an event, but is best booked up alongside some of our other services – such as Glo Glo LED dancers, acrobats or singing waiters. If you do want this member of the West Side Massive at your party, make sure you book well in advance. This is a popular CEP act, who could find himself too busy to grace your gig with an appearance.

Ali G