Bag Pipes aren’t just for the Scottish anymore. Our plucky neighbours to the north might have tried to cut all ties with the UK during the referendum, but thankfully they didn’t – or else we might not be privy to the likes of these amazing musical maestros. Alright, so that probably isn’t quite how it works – but our amazing bag pipe players are an act worth checking out regardless.

From the highlands to the south, folks flock from all around to experience the majesty of their playing first hand. Being able to produce a sound from an instrument which, people say, was originally crafted by the Ancient Greeks from the bladder of an animal is a talent enough in and of itself. When you then hear how well our players can toot their pipes, you’ll be bowled over.

While you might be struggling to think of how best to utilise this unique party-piece, don’t overcomplicate things. Sometimes, with our more extravagant acts, there doesn’t have to be a specific theme or tone they tie into. Okay, maybe pipers wouldn’t work well at an oriental-themed wedding – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t employ them as an alternative styling of music at other shindigs.

Like what you’re hearing? If you’re interested in booking any of our amazing piper services for your next party, get in touch with the CEP team. You probably aren’t shocked to learn these guys are very popular and are booked out quickly. Make sure you don’t miss out by securing them for your event as soon as possible.

Bag Pipe Players