Who doesn’t love balloons? The team at CEP certainly do. From a tender age we’ve all had a fascination with these colourful plastic delights – despite the fact they are for all intents and purposes just inflated vessels of our own breath.

Regardless, as a society we’ve come to universally cherish their simplistic nature – which is why our amazing balloon artists have been able to forge a career out of shaping them into all different shapes and sizes.

Our modellers really are a talented bunch, as they’re able to craft practically anything you can imagine from just a few balloons. A handful of the amazing designs they’ll throw together include:

  • Father Christmas and Rudolph
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Halloween ghouls and characters
  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Balloon people
  • Hats and clothing

This list of creations is just skimming the surface however, with our pros able to put together a balloon model for practically anything. This versatility makes them a fantastic addition to any party, regardless of the theme. If you’re interested in hiring this amazing service for an upcoming party or event, feel free to give CEP a call. Make sure you do it sooner rather than later, as this service gets quickly booked up.

Ballon Modellers