vWhile some might be familiar with the extravagant style of Brazil’s capoeira dancers, they’re largely an unknown quantity when it comes to British parties. This form of acrobatic athleticism is both a free-flowing type of dance, as well as – if you can believe it – a martial art. In fact, fans of the Tekken series may be familiar with the styles of Eddy Gordo – who utilises capoeira to fend off opponents.

Fear not. You won’t be witnessing out-and-out battles of good vs evil with our guys and girls. Instead, you’ll be treated to a masterful and intricately orchestrated routine. Be inspired by the majestic talents of the performers on show, as they bend and twist with expert poise and prowess.

Our capoeira performers are perfect for a number of events, including:


  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary events
  • Wedding receptions



While we’ve all seen feats of extravagance before, there’s something utterly unique about the way capoeira is performed which will leave you in awe. After all, it’s not every day you can say you saw a man doing the splits while standing entirely on one hand. Cheerleaders could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Interested in partying with some of these Brazil-inspired entertainers at your next shindig? We thought so. Make sure you get in touch with a member of the CEP as soon as possible. This is a popular act, and often gets booked out fairly rapidly. Don’t miss your chance to have a troupe of these performers at your next bash.

Brazilian Capoeira