Bubbles are a fun way to express yourself, and that’s something we’ve taken on board here at CEP. Our Bubbletastic show sees a trained professional blowing all sorts of crazy shapes of varying sizes. Whether you’re looking for some standard bubbles floating through the air, or a gigantic screen which can cover three people at once, our bubble man can make it happen.

We provide a host of entertainment services for all ages and tastes – but our bubble show is one which consistently appeals to everyone. There’s something about the simplicity of this craft which will probably keep the practice popular for the rest of time.

The different types of bubbles you’ll see blown include:

  • Gigantic bubbles (the size of people)
  • Smoke-filled bubbles
  • Whale-sized bubbles
  • Regular bubbles you can chase and pop

The bubble man and his trained team of bubbleologists (yes, we did coin that term ourselves) are on hand to turn any party or corporate event into one which’ll be spoken about for years to come.

Unsurprisingly, this is a service which is very popular, and as such gets booked up well in advance of the date it’ll be scheduled for. If you want to guarantee you’ll be able to see the bubble man at your next event, contact CEP and book him up now.

Bubble Shows