Looking to spice up your party with a touch of sexy class? The CEP burlesque girls are the perfect option for any soiree. We’ve blended together a mix of elite dance routines and glamour to bring our lucky clients a spectacle which they won’t forget in a hurry.

Burlesque has its origins in the 17th century as a form of mock dancing, but has since evolved into the explosion of fun we know and love today. Unsurprisingly then, with the movement having centuries to be perfected, there are a number of different styles out there. 

We don’t call ourselves the Corporate Entertainment Professionals for no reason. Our team of dancers are able to pull off any one of a number of different styles, with our full range including:

We love to push the boat out when it comes to bespoke concepts and ideas you can’t find anywhere else – but also appreciate the subtle nuisances of the classics. Whether you’re looking for a conventional burlesque routine to titillate your guests, or something a little whacky and out there, CEP are the right people to come to for your next gig.

Whatever the occasion; a birthday party, corporate event or a wedding, we’re on hand to provide services which nobody can compete with. If you’d be interested in booking out one of our many burlesque performers, feel free to get in touch with the CEP team as soon as possible. These acts are very popular and get booked up quickly.