What’s life without a little risk now and then? We all like having fun and gambling a pretty penny every so often, which is why our casino tables continue to prove a popular item at parties up and down the country. The tables include the popular casino games:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

A trained croupier comes accompanied with every table – who’ll make sure nobody is doing any dodgy dealings and pocketing cash in an unfair manner. While their ultimate aim is to ensure you’re there for a bit of fun, they will still adhere to the rules of the game they’re marshalling.

These tables work at any party where the booze is flowing, but unsurprisingly reach their zenith at Vegas themed events – where casino tables are meant to grab the headlines. These tables work perfectly alongside lots of other CEP services, with our showgirls and magicians helping to completely transport you to the Vegas strip.

Our tables have proven to be incredibly popular at any event they’ve been employed at, so it stands to reason they don’t stick around for very long. If you want to guarantee you’ll have one at your next party, give CEP a call now to book it up in advance.

Casino Tables