Garden Party Ideas: 7 Themes to Liven Up Your Celebrations

Garden parties are always guaranteed to be a bundle of fun. There’s nothing better than being in the sun with friends and family, soaking up the summer with a barbecue and a beverage, right? Unfortunately, it’s likely during the middle of the year, garden party ideas might quickly dry up and become – dare we say it – boring and repetitive.

At CEP we’re all about making your celebrations bigger and better, and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowds with a garden party like no other. It may not seem like it, but there are so many great ideas to liven up your get-togethers that you may have overlooked. We’re experts at making your event one to remember for years to come.

Whether it’s raining or shining, hot or cold, these garden party ideas are sure to stand out from the rest and ensure a day and night full of fun and festivities. They’re as well-suited for low-key gatherings as they are for bigger affairs, and CEP are willing to take on board any adaptations you have in mind. 


Have you thought about making your garden party feel otherworldly? Unleash your inner child by adding a fantastical element to your festivities, which is sure to provide a layer of sparkle. With a pinch of fairy dust, your event will come alive with magic this summer. There’s a massive range of opportunity here in that you can pick and choose what part of the fairy tale you want to bring to life. Are you looking for the glitter and glam of the aforementioned fairies and angels, or something darker such as a Harry Potter themed party?

Whatever you’re looking for, the CEP team has you covered.

We’re able to provide a range of themed characters and scenery that’ll truly immerse your guests in a fairytale.

Our Alice in Wonderland theme is a popular one – transform your garden into a kooky and fun world full of juggling Mad Hatters and roaming characters from the story, including Alice herself.

Consider serving up some magical cocktails and delicacies, too – decorate exotic dishes with exciting garnishes to add to the effect.

What you’ll need:

  • A range of immersive decorations to transform your garden into a dreamland
  • Costumes and characters that add a hint of magic to the atmosphere
  • Exotic treats to introduce your tastebuds to a whole new world

The 70s

 Regardless of whether you were born in the 50s or 90s (come on…don’t lie) you’ll be hard done by finding someone who doesn’t love all things 70s. The big hair and trendsetting music provided some of the most iconic and important moments in our history, so what’s better than transporting your guests back in time to Funkytown? Dress up in your finest attire – whether it means visiting a fancy dress shop or digging through your parent’s attic – and don a big, beautiful wig with some bright colour and leopard print to complement the look. Don’t be afraid to slip on some platforms, either.

The CEP team is all about the 70s, and we’re able to bring the disco to you with our unique standout acts. Let our disco ball heads add a touch of sparkle to the dancefloor, and get that Saturday night fever flowing with lookalike performers who’ll assist you in boogieing the night away. Make sure to conjure up some of the most desired vintage dishes for quick nibbles, too – cheese and pineapple, anyone? Under the sparkle of the disco balls, your guests will likely be blown away if you’re serving up the most famed foods of yesteryear.

What you’ll need:

  • The glitz and the glam of shimmering disco balls to accompany your funky music
  • Vintage party food that will take your guests back in time
  • Big hair, leopard print and towering platform shoes for the ultimate 70s look

The American Dream

Go big or go home! Introduce your guests to the United States of America with a raucous celebration of all things red, white and blue. Food will likely be the centre point of the party, so go all out with greasy goodness such as hot dogs smothered in ketchup and mustard, big burgers with cheese and pickles and some sticky and spicy chicken wings. Why not let CEP bring some roller girls along? They’ll transport the food to your guests in true vintage style. Decorate your garden with big American flags, and serve up your drinks in the red solo cups so often used by the college kids.

When celebrating all things American, you’re going to want to go big – so don’t hold back. CEP can provide candy floss and popcorn machines for the younger ones – or just the young at heart! You might decide to throw the bash on Independence Day, the annual celebration that happens every 4th of July and sees the States throw huge parties nationwide in commemoration of the country becoming its own entity, separate from the British Empire.

Get the fireworks lighting up the skies in the evening as you and your guests rock out below. The CEP team are able to make the party even bigger with carnival girls and human Statues of Liberty.

What you’ll need:

  • Plenty of big dishes that will feed your American appetite
  • Red, white and blue décor that immerses you in the American Dream
  • A soundtrack loaded with the most iconic Stateside tunes

The Best of British 

Through all the politics and the Brexit talks of recent years, there’s still a lot about our country to be proud of. Why not bring everyone together in a celebration of all things British? Get your Union Jacks out and adorn the garden with some traditional bunting and waving flags. As for costumes, let your guests have fun with it and have them dress up as someone pivotal to British history – whether it be Her Majesty, The Queen herself, or Ginger Spice in her iconic Union Jack dress!

It’ll be an event that goes down a storm with your guests, and the CEP crew are here to help you take it to the next level. Embrace all things British with strolling champagne tables, showgirls and cheerleaders all adorning the red, white and blue we love so dearly. Maybe we’re not so different to the Yanks, after all?

Treat your garden like a mini street party and go all out with the decorations – tablecloths, cups and big balloons shouldn’t be spared. Show your culinary skills off by cooking up some of the most popular British finger foods, too – keep it contemporary with some cocktail sausages and scotch eggs, but don’t be afraid to try your hand at some traditional vol-au-vents, too!

What you’ll need:

  • Big and bright decorations adorned in red, white and blue
  • Impressive costumes, with you and your guests dressed as iconic British figures
  • Popular British finger foods that everyone knows and loves

Pool party

 Alright we admit it; the weather may not always be consistent here in the UK. But who’s to stop you from throwing a popping pool party anyway? Get your bikinis and trunks on, and frolic in the sun with juicy drinks and colourful decorations. Pool parties are all about letting your hair down and making the most of the summer, regardless of if you’re going for a dip or not! You’ll want to transform your garden into a tropical paradise – consider some inflatable palm trees and beach balls for a touch of uninhibited and colourful fun.

Why not combine themes, too? Here at CEP we can give your pool party a beachy Baywatch twist. Our hunks and hunkettes will add a spot of California dreaming to your event, and you’ll be able to take pictures with them if you wish.

What about some dancing lifeguards around the pool? You can even try your hand at our popular surfing simulator that is a lot more difficult than it seems…trust us.

And, if you want a bit of the Hollywood glam, we may just bring Pamela and the Hoff along! We’re able to cater to your summer bash in any capacity, so don’t be hesitant to contact us about what you’re looking for.

What you’ll need:

  • Don’t forget your swimming costume – especially if you’re planning on diving right in
  • Tropical decorations and fun drinks for a touch of carefree fun
  • Good weather… which is unfortunately out of our control 

Happy Easter

When celebrating Easter, the majority of events culminate in an egg hunt and eating as much chocolate as humanly possible. Why not go all out and celebrate the yearly holiday in style? It’s best to cater an Easter party to the little ones, so inject plenty of colour and vibrancy into the day as possible. Decorate your garden in fun pastel colours, and place some flourishing flower arrangements on tables for a springtime flair.

Make sure to serve a variety of sweet treats for your guests – chocolate cake always goes down a storm. Why not have your very own Easter egg hunt, too? Make it a competition and hide a prize for the winner, in order to really ramp up the excitement. And, if you really feel like pulling out all the stops, invite the Easter Bunny along. Here at CEP, we’re able to bring him to you alongside chocolate fountains, dwarf chickens and even a huge Easter cake for someone to pop out of! It’s important to not take an Easter celebration too seriously, as you’ll find that it’s the kids who love it the most… and the big kids too, of course.

What you’ll need:

  • A range of delectable chocolatey treats for your guests
  • Colourful decorations that echo the feel of the spring season
  • Games and competitions for the little ones


We all love to get glammed up every once in a while. Have you thought about taking it to the next level with a Gatsby-themed garden bash? He certainly knew how to throw a party, so channel your inner Jay and throw a classy event that will sure enough get wilder as it goes on. The Prohibition era is known for its raucous and fabulous gatherings, so make sure to immerse your guests in the theme to full effect. Regardless of how glamorous it seems, you’ll probably have more wild fun being part of the roaring 20s than you would in the boring old modern day.

Transport your garden to Long Island with low-level lighting, draping tablecloths and vintage prints – consider pinning up copies of 1920s newspapers and photographs to add to the atmosphere. Make up some of the finest old-money cocktails on offer and serve them in fancy glasses to keep the glamour as prominent as can be. CEP can provide the entertainment for the evening, too – let our champagne girls greet your guests with a glass of bubbly as they arrive, as our gangsters and dolls mingle in the garden with your friends for a genuine experience. Don’t hold back with the music, either, as our Charleston girls will dance the night away with you.

What you’ll need:

  • Plenty of decorations to transform your garden into a Long Island hotspot
  • Extravagant and glamorous costumes to immerse yourself in the theme
  • Iconic cocktails of the roaring 20s that give you a taste of the Gatsby lifestyle

At this time of the year, garden parties are the perfect opportunity to have some fun and transport your guests to a world of excitement. There’s so much more to do than just a simple summer barbecue, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Be the talk of the town with your big bash that everyone’s going to want an invite to!

If you feel inspired and motivated to take one of these themes and run with it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always on hand to take your event to the next level, regardless of the scale. If you want any adaptations or changes made to one of our pre-existing themes, or you require our assistance for a theme of your own, we’re here to help. Make sure that your garden party isn’t one to forget with the CEP team on board.