CEP At The 2018 Odeon Cinema Awards

CEP are proud to have had played a vital role in the recent 2018 Odeon Cinema Awards. This event is hosted each year to commemorate the best films that’ve been released – with attendees treated to a spectacle from start to finish. It was our job to ensure that happened again this time around.

The guys and girls CEP sent along can be more than proud of their efforts, with a variety of awe-inspiring feats of brilliance leaving guests amazed. Odeon only accept the very best in style and flare, which is why they turned to us.

Some of the amazing acts we sent their way included the likes of:

Vintage Showgirls

Four of CEP’s finest Las Vegas showgirls were on hand to greet guests in true extravagant fashion. Taking it back to the good old-fashioned days, our girls added a spot of razzle dazzle to proceedings. What better way to celebrate taking home an award than by having your photo snapped with one of these glamorous gals?

Slight-of-hand magician

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? This age-old practice has continued in strength in the modern era, with the likes of Dynamo and his peers performing feats of brilliance to amaze audiences across the globe. Our magicians aren’t as well-known or far-reaching as the likes of the man from Bradford, but they’re just as talented.

A personalised Instagram frame

And speaking of photo ops, we were also able to provide a completely customised frame to serve as the outline for any picture which was taken. This unique feature made any photo taken that little extra special – and cemented the memory of the 2018 awards forever.

A ringmaster MC

Our master of ceremonies (or MC as he’s known in the biz of show) is a cut above the rest. Able to captivate a room and keep them in order at all times, this ringmaster will keep an event running smoothly throughout – guaranteeing nothing untoward happens. It was largely thanks to his brilliant time-keeping and speech-giving abilities that the 2018 awards came off without a hitch.

Disco ball diamond

To round the night off in style, a giant diamond disco ball was employed to help all the shakers and movers get down and jiggy with it on the dancefloor. This shiny giant orb hangs above everybody in the room, providing enough personality and character to keep spirits high and the party rocking on through the night.

Were you lucky enough to attend the 2018 Odeon Cinema awards? Let us know how much fun you had. And, if you weren’t one of the fortunate few, make sure to try out the incredible CEP services for yourself at some point in the future. You won’t be disappointed.