Champagne aerial artists are the latest innovation in entertainment from CEP. With these acrobatic performers doing the unthinkable while you’re sitting down enjoying your meal.

These fantastical fiends descend from the ceiling and top up the champagne glasses of anyone who needs a refreshment. Picture the scenario: You’re sitting there, chuckling away with your friends, when you look over and realise your drink is empty. “Darn”, you think, “I’ll have to refill that, I guess.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gorgeous woman descends from the heavens and tops you up with a fresh, chilled glass of champers.

This near-fairy-tale scene could become a reality if you’re able to book out our guys and gals for your next event. While any old schmuck could walk up to your table in a fancy suit and tie and politely enquire as to whether sir or madam would like a top-up, our talented performers bring you service with a difference.

If you want to make sure you get the amazing champagne aerial artists at your next event, give CEP a call today. This act gets booked up quickly, so contact us as soon as you can to guarantee they’ll be making an appearance at your next party.

Champagne Aerial Artists