Ah, the roaring twenties – a time of liberation and economic boom in the United States of America. Lots of great stuff came out of this time period, but CEP have arguably found the best in the form of our Charleston dancers.

The Flappers of yesteryear were one of the wildest movers in history, and our performers can proudly boast they emulate the fun and excitement of those ground-breaking days of long past.

Our dancers will have a set routine to wow you with, as well as un-choreographed displays which’ll see them disperse out among the event and engage with the party-goers.

Doo-wop, Hot Honey Rag or Cat Groove your way onto the dancefloor and get down and funky with our amazingly talented guys and dolls. These hip young cats will fit in perfectly with a number of other services we offer at CEP, including our giant martini glass performers and candy floss machines.

If you’d like to get involved with any of the fantastic services we have on offer – including our Charleston girls – please feel free to get in touch with us today. This is a popular party-piece, so make sure to book now.

Charleston/Swing Dancers