Bendy and stretchy, the CEP contortionists are a collection of talented artists who use their incredible plasticity to perform feats which will leave you awestruck. While you might shudder at the thought of some of the positions they get themselves into, you and your guests will be bowled over by the athleticism on show.

We weren’t all born to be flexible. The extreme lengths to which these guys and gals go to put on an elite show will amaze you, with their super-human abilities serving as the perfect complement to a number of themed parties. Just some of the areas where they’ll work include:

  • Circus parties
  • Sci-fi parties
  • Las Vegas parties
  • Masquerade balls

Contortionists will add to the scene as a whole – helping to provide a level of depth and tone you might otherwise find hard to achieve.

One of our most popular versions of this act would be our contortionist in a box. Our extremely bendy performer folds themselves in a mind boggling way to fit inside a clear perspex box, leaving your guests wondering how the body could bend in such a way.

Fancy exhibiting some of these talented performers at your next event? If so, get in touch with the CEP team and book some out today. Unsurprisingly, this is a relatively niche service and, as such, in high demand. If you want to guarantee you have them at your next shindig, give us a call today.