Transport yourself back to medieval times with this extravagant act

While you might have seen their like on television or stage, there’s a good chance you’ve never experienced the wonders of a jester in the flesh. That can be a concern of the past with this unique service from the CEP.

Slapstick is an art which has fallen from the comedic forefront in recent years, but our team are bringing it back with aplomb. Watch as our brightly coloured fools tumble and twirl, while performing a series of tricks which will entertain both young and old alike. The jesters are able to:

  • Playfully insult guests with their razor-sharp wit
  • Perform spoof magic tricks which have a tendency to go wrong
  • Juggle and put on other displays of acrobatic brilliance

These guys are perfect for events where you’re looking to get your guests in the highest possible spirits. Straight from the get-go they’ll be met with a comedic barrage which’ll leave them in stitches.

Want to kick your party up a notch? These archaic artists are well worth your time, and are sure to prove a smash success at your next party. Looking to hire one out? Get in contact with CEP sooner rather than later. They’re popular, and the services of the jesters are often booked up well in advance of a party as a result.