What screams a party like a gigantic baby head that appears to be crying?

That’s right –  nothing. Okay, maybe these aren’t the most traditional props in the world, but they’ve proven to be a smash success at a range of events in recent weeks and months. CEP aren’t here to judge what the people want!

Our performers love dressing up in these ludicrous outfits. They really cause a stir whenever they’re in the vicinity, with the gigantic plastic heads coming in a variety of expressions which really make them stand out from the crowd. These unrivalled props work perfectly for a series of events, including:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Club parties

There are two different variants to these performers, with customers able to book out either an all-out baby version (accompanied with onesies, prams and dummies) or a slightly more risqué version, which sees glamorous guys and gals dressed up in sexy outfits.

Whether crying, screaming or just looking angry, the CEP baby heads are able to mingle with partiers or serve drinks over the course of a night. Like what you’re hearing and want to book out this utterly unique service for yourself in the future? If so, get in touch with us today. This is a popular act which gets booked out promptly. Don’t miss out.

Crying Baby Heads