We guarantee you won’t have ever seen an act like this before!

CEP are masters of the bespoke, and that’s exactly why we’re proud to showcase the amazing Disco Ball Diamond. This act will stand at the corner or centre of a room and play host to our amazing acrobatic contortionist.

As a spotlight shines down on the disco ball, it’s glitzy surface reflects beautiful strands of light throughout the room. All the while she balances and contorts in a show of incredible athleticism.

We’ve had some massive companies utilise this service for their events in the past, with just some of the names who’ve decided to make the most of the Disco Ball Diamond including:

    • Adidas
    • Vogue
    • Warner Brothers
    • The 2012 London Olympics

Whether you want a five-minute show to provide your guests with a brief break, or are planning to have the act remain as a constant background throughout the course of the night, we can make it work for you. Everything will be tailored to your needs, as we help to craft the perfect evening entertainment.


Disco Ball Diamond