Ever watched Game of Thrones and thought ‘I’d really like to fly around on a dragon like that blonde girl?’ Your prayers have been answered in the form of CEP’s cuddly pet: Derek the dragon.

Standing at 2.3 metres tall and 3.5 metres wide, Derek is sure to grab the attention of your guests at any party he rocks up at. We’ll let you in on a little secret; Derek isn’t actually a real dragon – he’s just a very skilled puppeteer in costume. Your little ones (and maybe even some of the bigger kids with an open mind) won’t mind that however, as he struts about with realistic face and body motions to create the illusion of a genuine, fire-breathing dragon.

    • An opening and closing mouth
    • A waggling tail
    • Blinking eyes
    • The ability to simulate roaring

Such is the versatility and uniqueness of a chap like Derek, he’ll be able to seamlessly blend into a number of different party themes. Particularly good ones for our lovely dragon include anything fantasy-related. Unsurprisingly, he’ll also work amazingly well at a Game of Thrones event.

Are you interested in having this creature strutting about at your next party? We know the answer is yes. Why not get in touch with a member of the CEP team as soon as you can? Derek is a very popular act, so you’ll want to book him out as quickly as you can to ensure you avoid disappointment.

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