Here come the drums. The rhythmic beat of these percussions pieces is often nothing more than a background accompaniment when it comes to popular bands and artists, but at CEP we feel that isn’t giving the instrument its due. That’s why we’ve built a series of amazing services around the drums – this time as the centrepiece of the attraction.

Part of the beauty of these relatively simple musical tools is they’ve been able to translate across several different cultures all around the world. Nobody can benefit from that more than you when you’re next hosting a party, with our wide range of diverse acts giving you a bounty of options to choose from. Just some of the amazing drum performers we offer for parties include:

  • Bongo players
  • Brazilian drummers
  • Caribbean steel drummers
  • Dhol players

Fancy transporting yourself to the sunny shores of Barbados? Give the Caribbean steel drummers a go. Want to immerse yourself in some Central Asian culture? The Dhol players are on hand to give you that taste of India you’ve been craving for your shindig. Whatever the style or occasion, you’ll be able to find an act which perfectly matches the tone of the event.

If you’re interested in cranking up the volume and atmosphere at your next party, please feel free to get in touch with the CEP team and hire out one of our amazing drum acts. Make sure you don’t put off doing this for too long though, as our troupes find themselves quickly booked out due to their popularity. Don’t miss out by contacting us today.