Who says bigger is always better?

Our dwarf acts have proven incredibly popular since we introduced them, with the wee fellows able to morph into any one of a number of characters in order to tie in perfectly with the theme of your party.

We have a talented bunch of guys and gals who are able to perform a number of different roles, dependent on what you want from them. Most of our dwarves have had acting training, and appear regularly on the stage, as well as television. Just some of the iconic characters our dwarves will be able to portray include:

  • Oompa Loompas
  • Leprechauns
  • Elves
  • Mini bouncers
  • The Seven Dwarves

While it’s always crucial to remember our pint-sized performers have limits, and are professionals, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lot of fun when they turn up at your next corporate or social bash. Our dwarf acts are all about you and your guests having fun – something they’ll also love to get in on.

If you’re interested in trying this specialist service at your next party, please feel free to get in touch with the CEP team. Naturally, this talented lot are in high demand and have a busy calendar. Make sure you don’t miss out by getting in contact as soon as you can.

Dwarf Hire