Engagement Party Ideas – Announce It In Style

Engagement party ideas aren’t the easiest to think up. This event officially announces your commitment to an eventual marriage, as well as introduces potential future wedding guests to one and other. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right, so it’s hard to know what kind of tone you should adopt.

As such, we at CEP thought we’d help all the happy couples planning one by providing you with five amazing engagement party ideas to announce your upcoming union in style. From the extravagant to the classy, here are six themes and ideas definitely worth trying.

1. Strolling Champagne Tables

Always popular at any party they turn up to, strolling champagne tables see a glamourous professional decked out in an extravagant dress – specially designed to be able to support and balance up to 100 champagne glasses at a time.

A lovely lady (or two) will saunter through your engagement party handing out drinks to anyone who fancies a tipple, while offering light-hearted and casual chat. The trick to this comes from the platform the roaming champagne girl stands on, which allows her to glide about with ease.

Aside from the uniqueness of serving drinks in this way, the customisation factor is also a massive benefit for party hosts. If you’ve decided on a set theme, the strolling table’s dress can be tailored to fit with it.

2. Confectionary Hire

As kids, we all dreamed of owning our own candy store or cart. That fantasy can become a reality if you provide your guests with some delicious sweet treats when they turn up to celebrate your big news.

Confectionary hire is a party piece which can make a world of difference to the moods of your nearest and dearest (not that they’ll be bored, of course). Imagine their smiles when all of a sudden a brightly coloured sweet truck rocks up and starts offering popcorn, candy floss and chocolate fountains for them to tuck into.

You can even hire a professional candy man or woman to hand out the sugary bites. Deck them out in full Willy Wonka gear for this unique engagement party idea to have a proper impact.

3. LED Photo Frames

An ever-popular service at parties of all varieties, giant LED photo frames provide guests the chance to remember a moment of incredible fun forever. A single snapshot has the power to cause laughter years down the line, so make sure your guests have the perfect setting for their cherished memory with one of these funky borders.

It’s common practice to see these types of frames accompanied by a performer – usually dressed in costume. They’ll often pose with you for a picture, and can be customised to fit in with the theme of the party, if you have one.

Aside from the person who accompanies the frame, you’ll also be able to choose from a selection of different designs for the LED structure itself. These range from heart and star shape, to more standard rectangular designs. Make sure to hire a service which also includes a top photographer to take the snaps.

4. Casino Tables

Viva Las Vegas. Bring all the glitz and glamour of Nevada to your engagement party with some of the most popular casino tables and games from across the world. Marriage is a gamble, after all – and what better way to celebrate than with one of the most exciting themes imaginable for any shindig?

Think outside of the box with this one. Make use of customised and personal prizes, or change the numbers of the roulette wheel to correspond with the names or faces of some of your guests. It’s really up to you.

To make the event as close to the real Vegas as possible, you can also think about hiring some professional performers – such as croupiers, magicians or showgirls. Turn the event into an all-out party on the Vegas strip and celebrate your recent engagement in style.

5. Fire Performers

For a fiery explosion of heat and excitement to mark your new relationship with a bang, you can hire some fire performers for your big day. These professionals have been trained for years in the art of flame manipulation, and can perform a number of different routines, including:

  • Fire eating
  • Fire staff twirling
  • Fire Poi
  • Fire breathing
  • Fire hula-hoop
  • Fire dancing
  • Fire juggling
  • Fire spinning

Naturally, if you do choose to have some of these red-hot performers at your engagement party, we’d highly recommend giving them a dedicated platform to strut their stuff on. The last thing you’ll want is one of your guests getting a wee bit too close and having their eyebrows singed off.

In reality though, there’s very little to worry about – owing to the years’ worth of training which goes into perfecting this amazing skill. People will be speaking about your party for years to come, as you ignite the flame of love right in front of their eyes.

6. Walkabout Performers

Last, but by no means least, think about trying out some walkabout performers as another clever and unique way of spicing up your big day. These costumed guys and gals will walk through your party and provide wholesome entertainment for both big and little kids alike, owing to their goofy costumes and mannerisms.

Again, this is something which can add the finishing touch to a theme – providing that extra little element which helps to complete the atmosphere you’re going for. What’s more, they are good, silly fun.
Have these six engagement party ideas provided you with inspiration for the future? If you’re hosting an event of this nature in the coming weeks or months, you can rely on the CEP team to provide you with any of the services listed above.

But if (somehow) none of these take your fancy, why not look for something which does among our other elite professional services? Your dream party is just a click away.