Looking to spice up your next corporate or casual party with a service which is totally unique?

CEP offer a series of bespoke acts and events which will instantly transform the drabbest affair into an event people will be talking about for months to come. Our exhibition entertainment concepts can’t be rivalled, thanks primarily to a wonderful team of creative minds who have a knack for thinking outside the box.

We all love things which are a little bit zany and out there, which is why we’ve thrown together a series of unique combinations to fit practically any occasion. While our acts can always be tinkered with according to your own needs, we offer a range of “template” performers who could work perfectly at your next shindig. Just some of the amazing exhibition services we provide include the likes of:

Any old schmuck can invite a dance troupe along to perform a few routines – but CEP take that notion and infuse it with a brand new lease of life. Bright colours, glowing lights and performers who love what they do make us one of the most exciting party entertainment service providers in the country.

Are you intrigued by what you’re hearing and want to find out more? We have plenty of fantastic options for your party – but be warned: they do get booked out quickly. If you want to make sure you have one of our elite exhibition entertainment services at your next event, give us a call.

Exhibition Entertainment