The paparazzi phenomenon reached a peak in the mid-noughties, with celebrities having their personal lives exposed for all to see in the media. While that’s all a little scary, we know you’ve secretly always wanted to experience what it’s like for yourself – minus the negative repercussions.

That’s why we’ve created our unique paparazzi service to make your partiers feel like VIPs. Enjoy all the benefits of being hounded like a glamourous A-lister, minus the annoying after effect of your dirty laundry getting published for the world to see. Our paparazzi work perfectly at events like: 

  • Fancy dress parties
  • 1950s themed events
  • Corporate launches

Decked out in full gear – with customary snapper hat, trench coat and camera – our paparazzi guys will send the party into an explosion of flashing light every time someone new turns up. All the while they’ll throw out some cheesy lines to catch your attention, ranging from “work it baby” to “smile for the camera.”

If you’re interested in hiring out our fake paparazzi for your next event, make sure to get in touch with the CEP team sooner rather than later. This is a popular service and gets booked up quickly. Feel like a celebrity today.