You’ve probably seen the flash mob videos doing their rounds on YouTube

A group of people going about their regular, everyday lives, before half of them suddenly burst into an organised dance or song routine. These viral sensations have become insanely popular lately, and the CEP team are giving you a chance to create one of your own.

Our talented professionals will bust out a choreographed routine in the middle of nowhere, as they catch all of your guests – and perhaps even some of the service staff – massively by surprise. Flash mobs are the latest craze, and come in a variety of different forms, including:

  • Singing waiters
  • Dancing or singing event staff
  • Hidden guests
  • Freeze flash mobs (where nobody moves)

The trick to successfully pulling this type of performance off comes in the form of getting your dancers and singers to blend in – what that’s in casual attire, or, if it’s a themed event, clothing which matches in with the rest of the guests.

It’s not just parties where this kind of entertainment comes in handy however, with corporate events also benefiting massively from this type of display – helping to raise brand awareness and offering a unique type of promotion.

Interested in having a flash mob turn up at your next shindig? If so, get in touch with the CEP team today. We have a limited number of flash troupes, so your best bet would be to get in contact with us as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Don’t miss out.

Flash Mobs