Just picture it – you walk into a dimly lit room, before staring up and finding yourself captivated by a dazzling star shining high atop of the evening’s events. That’s exactly what you and your guests will experience if you decide to opt for this centrepiece at your next corporate or casual party.

Standing at over 10 feet tall, the CEP team’s giant LED star is a service which can be tailored to suit practically any occasion perfectly. The lights can change colour to match a party’s theme, while its sheer size allows a trained CEP performer to work their magic inside. Just some of the different types of acts who can show off their skills inside the star include:

  • Contortionists
  • Acrobats
  • Dancers

With such a versatile range of potential performers to choose from, as well as an inter-changeable colour scheme which works for you, the LED star unsurprisingly has been known to work at practically any event imaginable. Whether at a wedding with a formal tone, or a party that’s a little more on the fun side, our star will set the room alight.

Interested in utilising this amazing service the next time you host a soiree? Don’t be shy – get in touch with the CEP team today and book it out. Such is the versatility of this product, it’s always in high demand. As a result, your best bet is to book early in order to totally guarantee you’ll enjoy its omnipresent beauty when your big day rolls around.