We’ve all seen it on television – a massive cake is wheeled out into the centre of the room, only for a glamorous performer to burst out and surprise the lucky birthday boy or girl.

This isn’t just something you’ll find on the big screen anymore, with CEP offering a bespoke service which replicates the classic tradition.

Whether you want the person popping out to be on the sexier side or, if you’re at a family-friendly event, a little more tasteful, we’ll be able to make the act work for you.  We can even dress the person as a popular TV or book character if you’d like to surprise the little ones. The giant pop out cake works perfectly at:

  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings

We all love a quirky and fun surprise every now and again. CEP have been offering this service for years, and it’s always amazing fun to see just how happy the faces of the people who’re at the receiving end of the treat are – especially children, who are often not expecting what’s about to happen.

If you’d like to have a member of our team pop out at your next party, please feel free to get in touch. Don’t miss out on one of our giant pop out cakes being served up at your next soiree just because you left getting in contact too late. We can even personalise our cake with your choice of name.

Giant Pop Out Cake