Run, run as fast as you can, our gingerbread performers are close at hand. Alright, the rhyme isn’t quite as good as the original – but our gingerbread men mascots are a new and improved version of the classic fairy-tale character. With painstaking effort and care put into their design, our performers are sure to make an impact at your next event.

Gingerbread has become a snack which is traditionally associated with the Christmas period – so what better time of year than December to have one of these unique performers turn up at your event? Our gingerbread men come decked out in a full costume, with brightly coloured frosting and gumdrop buttons. These performers are perfect for a number of events, including:

  • Christmas parties and work events
  • Fantasy themed parties
  • Children’s’ birthday parties

Our gingerbread men will be able to perform a number of different services at your event, ranging from mingling with guests to hitting the dancefloor and dropping some moves of their own. They’ll even be able to serve drinks if that’s what you want from them. Versatile costumed service is the name of the game for the CEP team.

Interested? We thought you might be. If you’d like to party it up with one of our gingerbread characters at your next event, make sure to reach out and get in touch with a member of the crew. You can either give us a ring on 08456 890 256, or reach out using our “contact us” page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gingerbread Men