Do you like bright colourful lights and beautiful girls? If the answer to either (or preferably both) of those questions was yes, you’re going to find yourself loving CEP’s newest and most exciting service – Glo Glo LED Dancers.

This latest trend is currently sweeping the nation, with it pairing up gorgeous and talented professional dancers with bright neon lights. The amalgamation of these two brilliant features is a dazzling display of flare and light at any club or party event. Our dancers are some of the most talented in the country, and provide not only a little extra boost of adrenaline for partyers, but also light up any room they have the pleasure of occupying.

Ideally, our Glo Glos will be best utilised dancing on raised stages or platforms – where everyone gets the chance to check out their moves. There are three colours of LED to choose from, with red, green and blue all on the menu.

If you’re interested in hiring some of our dancers, or any of the other brilliant services we provide at CEP, please feel free to get in contact now and hire some out for your club, party or corporate event. This is an unsurprisingly popular service, so make sure you book as soon as you can to avoid missing out.

Glo Glo LED Dancers