Who said the lion was king of the jungle? Don’t let Gary – the resident CEP gorilla – hear you say that. This gigantic ball of muscle and fluff is as friendly as they come, but knows how to go ape and have a great time too. Just let him loose at your next party and watch as your guests have the time of their life rocking out with this party animal.

Like any good performer, Gary is far from camera-shy. He’ll pose with both kids and adults alike to ensure you have a memento to remember him with forever. As if that wasn’t already exciting enough, he’s decided to get a few of his friends involved in the fun.

Tarzan might be an A-list name to you and I, but for Gary he’s just a pal. Both of these iconic jungle-dwellers are now also available for hire from CEP. Tarzan, the Crazy Party Chimps and Gary can be booked out for a number of different events, including:

  • Jungle theme parties
  • Fancy dress events
  • Zoo events
  • Parties based around Tarzan and King Kong themes

Just make sure to stock up on as many bananas as possible when this gang of crazy chimps turn up and kick off the party. Monkey around with Gary and the rest of his chums at the next birthday or anniversary you’re hosting.

Sound good? We know it does. Get in contact with the CEP team on 08456 890256 today and discover just how much better your party can be with the addition of this cheeky chap. Make sure not to leave it too close to the event, however. Gary’s services are in high demand.

Gary the Gorilla