Are you someone who likes indulging in the classier side of life? If you’re planning on hosting a party in the coming weeks or months, and want to show your guests a good time isn’t just had when chart music is blaring out over the speakers, why not book one of the CEP team’s amazing harpists for your do?

Our duo, Hannah and Tom, have years of experience under their belts, having performed at a series of elite venues in front of crowds which would cause most musicians to go weak at the knees.

Any size or calibre of audience is manageable for the pair, with some of the world-class halls they’ve graced in the past including:

  • Windsor Castle
  • The Waldorf Hotel
  • The 2010 BRIT Awards
  • BBC 1’s Songs of Praise

Both Tom and Hannah have musical qualifications to back them up (as if they needed it), and are able to attend your party as either a soloist or as part of a duet. From traditional and classic pieces, to romantic numbers – and even a few modern anthems, if you’re lucky – these harpists will keep your guests entertained throughout the course of an event.

Interested in hiring out one or both of our talented pair? If you’d like to make sure your next shindig is peppered with that touch of class it’s currently lacking, get in contact with the CEP team and find out if these guys are available. They’re a popular couple of talents, so make sure to find out if they’re free sooner rather than later. You won’t want to miss out.