You’ve heard of CEP’s amazing strolling champagne girls – and now we’re introducing the latest in human-furniture hybrids: the human canape tables. These magnificent creations marry together glamourous performers with the convenience of a snack cart. Your food is always on hand, without ever having to leave the spot.

A fantastic feature here comes from the immense level of customisation you can carry out. Throwing a Willy Wonka-themed bash? Dress the girls up as Oompa Loompas. Thinking of hosting a Vegas party? Showgirl outfits will suit the mood perfectly. Our human canape tables are perfect for a number of different events, including:

  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Corporate events

There’s practically no limit when it comes to what kinds of food you can serve either, with the tables specially designed to support canapes of varying shapes and sizes. If you see one of these gorgeous gourmet girls walking towards you at a party in the future, don’t be afraid to swipe a bite off their tray.

If you’d be interested in hiring this unique service at a future event, make sure to get in touch with the CEP team as soon as possible. We have a limited amount of tables, and this is unsurprisingly a popular service. Don’t miss out, by booking today.