In ancient Rome, emperors would often hire human statues to stand at events and pose in alternating scenes from mythology.

You now have the chance to emulate those leaders of yesteryear, with CEP’s very own version of that archaic decoration. Impress all your friends with a series of performers who tie in perfectly to your event theme.

Statues can either interact with guests or remain totally still – it’s all up to you. Place them where they’re most likely to be seen, or have you them greet your guests upon arrival. Our human statues are one of the most versatile acts we have to offer. Just some of the different themes you’ll find available include:

  • Angels
  • Bronze and other metallic statues
  • Roman Centurions
  • Clowns
  • Chimney Sweeps

Naturally, just like with any of the CEP services you’ll find, we’re very open to the idea of bespoke customisation. That means if you have an idea for a human statue we don’t already cover, we’d be happy to do our best and accommodate for you.

Interested in hiring out one, or maybe a few, of our human statues? This exciting act is available now. Simply get in contact with a member of the team, who’ll be happy to help you organise one of these amazing human statues at your next shindig. Book now to avoid missing out on this popular service.

Human Statues