Like Ice? We at CEP sure do, which is why we’ve invested in a series of different sculptures which can act as the perfect centrepiece for any party you’re planning to host in the winter or autumn time.

If you’re looking for an ice-cold ambience for your next shindig, investing in one of these items might be worth your while. The key element here comes in the form of the limitless range of customisation which is possible.

There are no end of wondrous creations which can be hewn from blocks of ice, with just some of the designs we’ve produced in the past including:

  • James Bonds’ 007 logo
  • Numbered anniversary sculptures
  • A stag’s head
  • A dragon’s head
  • An elephant’s head
  • Full animals
  • Hollywood emblem

These luxurious centrepieces will gradually melt over the course of the night – but still retain their shape up until the point when their allure has already been surpassed by the fantastic night your guests have had.

Ice Sculptures & Luges