Can’t afford the services of a big burly bouncer for your next do? No worries; you can just get a titch and dress them up in CEP’s amazing inflatable doorman outfit. While they might not do as good a job keeping unsavoury characters outside, they’ll at least give all your guests a giggle.

If you can’t find anyone to stay in the suit all day, you’ll even be able to stand one of our inflatable bouncers up as a continuous prop which people can pose with for a photo. These guys are 10-feet tall and tower over everyone as a result (making for a hilarious snap).

These fellows come decked out in a full black suit, along with shades to hide their stone-cold eyes. Granted, the cheesy grin on their face may go some way to deteriorating from that tough-man outer persona. These doormen can be used for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events
  • Club nights

Kids also love our doormen. Big bouncy blokes who stand in front of an entrance are fantastic for the wee ones. They’ll recognise the men as figures of authority, but will also love the way the goofy-looking fellows tower over everyone at your event. They’re the perfect addition to kid’s parties.

If you’re interested in hiring one out for your next shindig, make sure to get in touch with CEP as soon as possible. Much like a lot of our amazing party services, this is one which gets booked up quickly. Make sure you call us as soon as you’re interested.

Inflatable Doorman