Who doesn’t love a good juggle every now and then?

We at CEP certainly do, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to provide our loyal customers with as many different styles and types of performers as possible. Just some of the many juggling acts we have on offer include:

  • Stilt-walkers
  • Juggling chefs
  • Juggling clowns
  • Fire jugglers
  • Paired jugglers

The versatility of the different acts on show mean there is practically always one variant who’ll work perfectly at your event – regardless of the theme. From winter to summer, Christmas to birthday, at least one set of jugglers will work to make your special shindig a success.

Such is the skill of some of our performers, they’ll even be able to do their businesses while they unicycle through your party – crucially, without running into any of the guests while they do so. With the items being juggled ranging from balls, to jugs, to knives, our guys and gals will dazzle and delight you with displays which leave you wide-eyed and mesmerised.

Juggling Acts