Here come the drums. This percussion instrument has been a fan favourite for drumming up (get it?) excitement for centuries. From the ancient Mayans to the modern day, the drums have continued to evolve throughout the years. The latest innovation comes in the form of an LED version.

CEP is very proud of this service, which offers a traditional ambience with a modern flare. Our drummers will be kitted out in luminous glowing costumes, while they hammer away on instruments which have been lined with dazzling blue and white LED lights. These talented musicians work perfectly at a number of events, including:

  • Street parties and parades
  • Any parties hosted at night or indoors
  • Largescale festival events and celebrations
  • Christmas events

Unsurprisingly, owing to the nature of this incredible act, they’re best utilised at night (or, at the very least, in a darkened room). The blend of bright colours and rhythmic beats serve as the perfect cacophony of entertainment and spectacle. It’s safe to say you’ll regret not hiring this service if you do choose to overlook it this winter.

If you fancy have our amazing troupe at your next event, make sure to get in touch with a member of the CEP team. You can do that by either giving us a call on 08456 890 256, or by reaching out to us via our “contact us” page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

LED Drummers