This is arguably the classiest and most exciting service CEP currently have on their books.

If you’re looking for something which will truly make your wedding stand out from the crowd, we’d highly recommend hiring one of our insanely talented live wedding painters.

You may have never even heard of an act like this before – and that’s fair, with very few of them existing across the world – but that certainly shouldn’t put you off. If anything, the sparsity and uniqueness of this type of service should only encourage you further to give it a go for yourself. Our amazingly talented wedding painter works by:

    • Sketching the scene of a wedding before guests arrive
    • Observing the happenings of the day in that area
    • Painting the couple and notable guests in her own unique style

The size and scale of your painting can be customised according to your desires, and anything you desperately want included can also be passed on to her. If you want to impress your guests, this is the perfect way to do so. Some of them might even be flattered to find themselves included in the finish piece.

If you’re interested in hiring our painter for your next event, you have to make sure you get in contact with the CEP team as soon as possible. She will often find herself booked up months in advance, so you need to use a lot of forethought if you want to avoid disappointment.

Live Event Painters