Party Entertainment Ideas, The Best Musical Acts to Hire

When it comes to party entertainment ideas, there’s nothing better than a service which can provide your guests with a little sing-song to raise spirits. Whether that’s through a lavish explosion of entertainment or a subtler approach, any party can be instantly livened up with music.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a selection of different musical acts or party bands for hire, which’ll guarantee your next shindig or hoedown is one people will remember for a long time to come. From classy and sophisticated, to a little wacky (in a brilliant way), here are eight musical acts worth hiring at your next event.

Singing Waiters

We’ll set the scene:

You’re sitting there, tucking into your dessert after a hearty three-course dinner at a formal or casual event, and wondering how you can possibly squeeze that last piece of cheesecake into your mouth.

Suddenly, the chap who’s been waiting on your table all night breaks into a rapturous rendition of a chart classic, as voices from all across the room join in for a harmonious melody which leaves you and the hundred-or-so other guests captivated.

That’s what you can expect if you do decide to rent out the singing waiters for your next event. These guys are particularly fun, and are a bespoke service – meaning they’re able to fit in with pretty much every themed event you can possibly imagine.

Singing waiters are perfect for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Society functions

Got an upcoming masquerade ball planned? No fear, simply deck your guys out in masks and ask them to recite a song from the Phantom of the Opera. Having a jungle-themed party? Throw them all in different animal masks and let them crack out a few Lion King numbers.

The beauty of the singing waiter service is it’ll effectively work as a two-in-one feature. Your guests will benefit from both a professional culinary service, as well as a melodic masterpiece while their food digests – all from the same source.

Tribute Acts

When it comes to party entertainment ideas, it doesn’t come much more fun than tribute acts. These nifty guys and gals play homage to greats from the past and present, with their job effectively being to replicate the talents of sensational performers from the past.

These artists are perfect for some people, because they provide you with the closest thing to actually having your favourite band or solo artists performing live right in front of your eyes.

Whether it’s because you simply can’t afford to book Ed Sheeran out for a personal performance (let’s face it – who can?), or because the artist of your dreams is sadly no longer with us (here’s looking at you, Elvis), this route provides party hosts with a fantastic alternative.

Some of the most popular acts in this range include the likes of:

  • Queen
  • The Beatles
  • Kiss
  • Elvis
  • Elton John
  • Adele

Whatever historic performer you’re looking for, you should easily be able to find someone to match the bill. These types of performances can be particularly powerful at a wedding, where a special song might have a deep meaning for you and your partner.

While the real artist who made it famous won’t be there to serenade you, you can always opt for the next best thing. These people are trained professionals and have forged careers out of closely mimicking their idols – so you know you’re getting a brilliant service.


For a completely different atmosphere and tone, why not instead elect for an act with a little more ‘class’? That’s not to say whatever you choose for your event won’t be brilliant, but certain performers do bring a different ambience to an event.

Harpists aren’t the easiest act to find, but, if you can secure the services of one of these talented musicians, they will transform your party or function instantly. Whether you’re looking for a serene tune, or a light-hearted and jolly little ditty, these guys will be able to capture a room and provide the perfect melody.

When it comes to employing a harpist properly, some of the best themed events to utilise them at are:

  • Enchanted Forest or Garden – where an idyllic setup sees a performer situated right in the middle of a fairy-tale scene (akin to something out of a midsummer night’s dream)
  • Black tie – with the harpist creating a scene reminiscent of something from the main dining room of the titanic; dressed to the nines in a classy affair
  • Great Gatsby – these themed events have risen to prominence since the recent movie of the same name. Dressed like a 1920s flapper, the performer perfectly matches the time period by winding back the clock with a classic instrument

Whatever type of event you’re looking to host, there’s always room for one of these fantastically talented artists. Whether you want them to stand out as the showpiece of the room, or simply provide some melodic background music, a harpist is a unique option which you’re unlikely to see at many other parties.


This is perhaps the most versatile service on the list, with the term ‘drummer’ in reality incorporating a lot of very different styles and genres under the same umbrella. From melodic and even peaceful background harmonies, to loud and thunderous demonstrations which steal the show – these percussion performers differ depending on your needs.

There are a number of different types of performances you can book out, ranging from all across the globe. Just some of the amazing and culturally diverse bands you can hire out include:

  • American rock drummers
  • Cuban bongo players
  • Brazilian samba drummers
  • Indian Dhol performers
  • European percussionists

The massive range of options available means you’ll definitely be able to find something, regardless of how precise or intricate your desires are. For upbeat and lively numbers which get everyone grooving, a samba troupe is worth employing. For a more relaxed approach, you can opt for a drummer you might commonly expect to find in a Spanish tapas bar.

Naturally, the type of show you’re requesting to be put on will depend heavily on the type of event you’re hosting. Different acts will work best with alternate themes. While a party flooded with Las Vegas showgirls is already exciting enough, why not throw in some drums for good measure?

Whether you’re looking to make the drums the star of the show, or just a side-piece for the main event, there are a myriad of options out there to transform any event into a memorable one for years to come.

Bag Pipe Players

If you thought our last suggestion was out there, try this one on for size. This weird and wonderful entertainment service is a bespoke act which’ll see a bunch of men in kilts turning up and blasting out some glorious tunes for your guests.

This discipline has its roots in bonnie Scotland, but has since translated across a number of different cultures.  Regardless, the lads who turn up to your do will be fully kitted out in traditional garb, from a faux bearskin hat to the sporran.

Just some of the banging tunes you’ll hear cracked out include:

  • Scotland the brave
  • Hector the hero
  • Loch Lomond
  • Flowers of Scotland
  • Mist covered mountains

While those names might not sound all too familiar, you’ll be surprised how many of them you actually know once they start playing. As well as the traditional Highland songs, you’ll also be able to request a few contemporary classics. There’s nothing like hearing Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on the bag pipes.

When it comes to party entertainment ideas there are very few more original than this from a musical perspective, so it’s well worth looking into booking out party bands for hire who specialise in this most unique of past-times.


An oldie, but a goldie. Solo performers might not stand out as extravagant an act as some of the other names on our list, but they nevertheless are a tried and tested entertainment choice which’ll leave your gusts wholly satisfied at the end of the night.

While we’ve already seen how tribute artists are a decent option for an event, why not instead elect to give an up-and-comer a chance? It’s pretty universally acknowledged talent isn’t all it takes to break it big in the music industry anymore – which leaves a host of performers who are immensely skilful left out in the cold.

You can take advantage of that by providing an outlet for one of these talented young (or not-so-young) stars for a price which’ll be far cheaper than finding an established singer or party band for hire.

Whether you want them to crank out some classic tunes, or would prefer them to give the day an original twist with some of their own works, these artists are sure to impress. There are so many solo singers out there looking for a chance to catch the eye, so providing them with a platform to do just that is not only beneficial for yourself, but also for an unknown star looking to break into the biz.


The sax isn’t all about jazz – although that is one of a multitude of options you’re getting when you elect to employ one of these types of talents at your gala. Party entertainment ideas often revolve around themes which require explosions of sound and colour – but sometimes it’s the simplest things which are the most impactful.

Despite that simplicity, it’s certainly not to say you won’t get a show-and-a-half when saxophonists rock up at an event. There are plenty of party bands to hire in this genre, with more options than you can wave a stick at. You can choose from styles including:

  • Jazz
  • Modern
  • Classical
  • Blues
  • Soul

Whether static or interactive, these performers can blend into any environment and provide you with a classy display which’ll add a touch of elegance to your soiree. They’re also a relatively customisable service – meaning you can ask them to either suit up as smartly as possible, or come adorned in more casual evening-wear.


Not just for the kids anymore; DJs are one of these fantastic party entertainment ideas which’ll appeal to all age ranges. Music is food for the soul, so why not feed it with a blend of retro anthems and modern-day bangers?

Being a disc-jockey is a fairly glamourous job, but it certainly isn’t without its challenges. Getting a room full of people to leap to their feet and break out into spontaneous dance is very tricky – so you have to applaud them for the continual feat of successfully achieving such an act, party after party, gig after gig.

A mastery of their sound system is required for any DJ worth their speakers to raise the atmosphere of an event, which is often achieved via intricately weaving a playlist of songs which balances well-known tunes with beats that make you want to let loose.

Oftentimes, finding the services to complement a DJ is the real challenge – and it wholeheartedly depends on the tone of the evening you’re going for when it comes to finding the perfect secondary performer.

To really spice things up, why not elect to hire out some fire acts? These boys and girls will put on all sorts of crazy shows, with all of the following on the menu:

  • Fire eating
  • Flaming poi
  • Fire breathing
  • Flaming hula hoops
  • Juggling fireballs
  • Twirling a fire staff

Imagine witnessing all of that occurring, while in the background some of the hottest tracks in the world are blaring out of a high-quality sound system. I can’t think of a more exciting party.

Have any of these wonderful party entertainment ideas provided you with a good idea of what you might be able to employ the next time you host an event? We certainly hope so. Music isn’t the be-all and end-all of an evening, but it goes a long way to setting an atmosphere and defining how guests remember a party. Make sure you get it right when it’s your turn to host.