What could be better than snacking down on some scrumptious popcorn while enjoying one of the most happening parties of the year? Not a lot. We all love a sweet treat every now and then, so why not invest in some when you’re next set to host a party?

Whether sweet or salted, the CEP team have a machine which’ll be suited to the flavour combinations of your choosing. Coming in extravagantly decorated machines, these dispensers of crunchy delight are perfect for a wide variety of different party events and come in a series of contrasting styles.

You’ll be able to serve the popcorn in cinema-style cardboard bags, from a giant glass machine, or any other unique way your brain can think up. Just some of the events where this service works perfectly include:

  • Circus parties
  • Sweet 16s
  • Las Vegas events

Naturally, like most of CEP’s services, you can tailor the act to work with practically any theme. Hosting a circus event? Let a clown hand out scoopfuls of the stuff to your guests. If Vegas is the call of the day, get a magician or showgirl to be the one to provide guests with the delicious snack.

Kids are perhaps the most appropriate connoisseurs when it comes to the crunchy delight of popcorn. For a sweet treat to heighten any children’s party, you’d do well to hire out one of these machines. The little ones will love it, as they constantly snack on popcorn through the course of the event.

Hooked on the idea of serving up some popcorn at your next event? If so, make sure you get in touch with the CEP team as quickly as possible. We have a limited supply of these incredibly popular machines, so don’t miss out.

Popcorn Machines