Add a touch of class to your next gala, with the introduction of CEP’s very own royal footmen. These gents will not only serve as greeters for your big event, but also contribute with some top-notch comedy to instantly get the person arriving in the party spirit.

Having trained for 15 years as a troupe, the footmen will be able to guarantee a top performance, as they bounce off each other with a series of witty banter. A razor-sharp wit, coupled with a lavish red coat and painted white face, help these unique performers stand out for all the right reasons.

What’s more, these chaps have rubbed shoulders with cultural elite in the past. Some of the incredible events and locations where they’ve been employed include:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Performing for the UAE royal family
  • Downing Street
  • Disney World Florida
  • Olympic and Commonwealth Games
  • The UEFA Champions League final

It’s not just verbal humour which they’ll crack out however, with some classic slapstick tomfoolery thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for an icebreaker act which’ll set the tone for an entertaining shindig, this is the perfect option.

Don’t want to miss out on having the royal footmen at your next party? Make sure you get in contact with the CEP team as quickly as you can to guarantee these brightly coloured fellas are there. They’ll be pleased to rock up and put on a show.

Royal Footmen