The singing waiters are without question one of our personal favourites here at CEP – with these mind-boggling talented fellows able to spring the surprise of a lifetime at weddings and other sit-down meals and events.

Throughout the early parts of the dinner these guys will walk from table to table, serving canapes and other dishes to unsuspecting guests. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, they’ll break out into a chorus of melodic harmony as they blast out a mixture of iconic cult classics.

It’s the suddenness of the whole affair that really grabs people by surprise – with the previously apathetic and docile waiters bursting into glorious song all at once. It’s certainly quite the shock for the people sitting closest to them when the party gets started.

The waiters are slowly starting to earn a reputation for themselves across the whole of the UK, and have played at events hosted by even the world renown television chef Gordon Ramsey. It’s perhaps no shock then that this service gets booked up insanely quickly.

Make sure you hire them out well in advance of your event if you want to guarantee you don’t miss out on the chance to throw a party people will be remembering for years to come.

Singing Waiters