Snakes have gained a bad reputation throughout the years. While many associate this breed of reptile with danger, the reality is most of these elongated creatures aren’t looking to do you or anyone else harm. As CEP have discovered, when the working day is done, snakes just want to have fun.

We’ve given them an outlet to do that, as part of our innovative and pulse-racing snake service. They’ll be accompanied by a lovely lady who struts through the party introducing her slithery friend to all the guests attending. You’ll be amazed how happy people are to see the slippery little fellows after knocking back a few drinks. Our snakes are perfect for a number of events, including:

  • Jungle-themed parties
  • Burlesque shows
  • Zoo or animal themes

In truth, these critters will work perfectly at any event you can imagine. Owing to their versatility, there are a myriad of different party types which will perfectly cater to the use of a serpent act. Who doesn’t love something bizarre and out of the box?

If you’re interested in partying it up with a snake – and, let’s face it, who isn’t – get in touch with the CEP team as soon as possible. This is unsurprisingly an incredibly popular service, and, as such, is in high demand. Get in contact to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Snake Acts