Summer Party Ideas: 10 Themes to Heat Up Your Event

Who doesn’t love summer? While winter has its own charms and delights, there’s something about the hotter months of the year which really crank things up a gear. When you think of July and August, people relaxing and having fun probably springs to mind. As such, we at CEP decided to rack our brains for 10 summer party ideas to really get you in the spirit as the season approaches.

If you want to be the toast of your friends this year, pay close attention to what we’re suggesting and think about trying one – or maybe even a couple – of the amazing summer party ideas we recommend. 

1. Fourth of July

This day isn’t just about US independence anymore. While nobody outside of the States has much reason to celebrate on this sunny summer occasion, you can embrace the spirit of the Americans and throw a bash in honour of the national holiday anyway.

Serve up a bevy of treats from the region, as your guests chow down on hot dogs, beef burgers and good old-fashioned corn on the cob. Think outside the box and start serving up bites and nibbles which follow a theme.

Find deserts which you can decorate in red, white and blue – or even drinks of punch which follow a similar colour scheme. Decorate with little US flags, and consider having the host dress up as President Trump. It’d serve as the perfect ice-breaker when he (or she) welcomes new arrivals.

CEP services:

We have a service tailored to this exact summer party idea. Our Independence Day act incorporates the likes of show girls, stilt walkers, statue of liberty performers, popcorn and candy floss machines. Naturally, all of these will be customised in traditional American colours.

2. Beach Party

Bodacious babes and heroic hunks are what we think of when the idea of a beach party comes to mind. Recreate that with your friends in true Baywatch style this summer. Whether you actually make the dress code beachwear or not will depend heavily on where the event is hosted.

If you’re looking to throw the event at the beach itself, it would be a good idea to encourage people to come in their swimwear. If the party is at a drier location, with ‘beach’ just being the theme, then regular clothes wouldn’t be out of place.

Set up a volleyball court (maybe even scatter some sand into a large square to create the illusion of a beach surface) and decorate the area with palm trees and other tropical elements which we associate with sandy paradises.

CEP services:

We’ve already alluded to the hit 90s television show, Baywatch. CEP have a service which pays homage to the cult classic. Our guys and girls will turn up dressed in full beach gear, and are able to serve food, paint faces and run a surf simulator machine.

baywatch 02 

3. Picnic Party

Dining al fresco is a great way to spend your summer – so why not build a party theme around it? You can really make the most of the fantastic warm weather by basking in the sun and tucking into your picnic baskets with reckless abandon.

Fill these with the types of food you would normally expect to find at such an event – like sandwiches, watermelon slices and strawberries. Wash everything down with honey-sweetened lemonade for the perfect finishing touch.

If it starts to rain, don’t fret. You can simply pick up your packs and move the party inside. The simplicity of this kind of event means come rain or shine you’ll be able to have a fun day.

CEP services:

To entertain you while you sit and dine, why not opt for some of CEP’s wonderful balloon artists? These guys can stroll through the party and provide both big and little kids alike with rubbery constructs to amaze and delight. From hats and clothing, to Mario and Luigi characters, our artists can build it all.

4. Camping

This classic form of rural escape has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years. This has been largely thanks to the concept of glamping being introduced to places like Glastonbury and other music festivals.

Rather than trek off to a muddy field to get to grips with nature, why not instead erect a field of tents in your garden and invite people round to set up for the night? You can even draw up a ‘sleeping plan’ – or just let people decide where they want to kip.

Set up a campfire in the middle of the locale, then sit around and cook s’mores or tell ghost stories. Maybe even go to the extent of setting up a special adventure hunt where your partiers go in search of a variety of items.

CEP services:

We’ve got all sorts of tree-related services which could add those finishing touches to your campsite event. From giant tree stilt walkers to human trees (who hide among the shrubs and pop out at opportune moments to scare guests), you’ll be able to really ‘spruce’ up your event.

5. Ice Cream Social

Eating ice cream and being sociable; does life get any better? No, is the answer. If it’s a particularly hot summers day, you’d be wise to help your guests cool down with a selection of delicious ice creams.

Decorate the area with lots of colourful bunting, and allow your guests the chance to make their own combo of flavours by handing them a scoop and (relative) free rein of the different types of gelato you have available.

Make sure there are plenty of cones about so your guests can create the perfect conglomeration of frozen creamy goodness. Don’t forget the sprinkles and other toppings to complete the banquet.

CEP services:

You can hire out our very own ice cream camper van to serve your desserts out of. We’ll decorate this to fit the theme of the day if you have something specific in mind. We’ll also provide a friendly vendor to come and serve the ice creams to your eager and excited guests.

6. Pool Party

Make a splash by throwing a pool party for your next big event. Get your finest swim trunks out and jump in at the deep end, as you throw a shindig which’ll be remembered for years to come.

You’ll have the chance to construct an event dependent on what age range you’re looking to tailor the day to. If it’s aimed at younger kids (whether in body or soul), you can fill the pool with inflatables and potentially even an assault course.

For more adult themes, you can think a little out of the box and try to come up with an idea which is unique. Grab a projector and create your very own movie night for guests. They can sit back and relax in the pool as they watch a classic film on the big screen. Needless to say, so long as you have a pool, your partiers will able to find something which keeps them entertained.

CEP services:

If you like the idea of offering something different for your party, feel free to hire out some of our amazing real life mermaids. These girls are kitted out in full mermaid attire, and will certainly make waves at your party.

7. Luau

Hawaii is something of a party zone for Americans looking to get away from the struggles of the mainland – so it stands to reason you’d have a cracking time replicating a luau for your next summer party idea.

Luaus are the perfect form of soiree, as they incorporate drinking, listening to music, playing games and eating delicious food all in one. It’s traditional to roast an entire pig in Hawaii, but you can forgo this step if you feel it’s a little much and serve regular bites instead.

You really need an open area of land to have a proper luau, owing to the wide and varied forms of entertainment you can expect to experience. This space is pretty much a requirement, as you’ll also want to have a gigantic fire burning in the middle of the bash.

CEP services:

Our fire performers are the perfect option for anyone looking to experience a luau in its purest form. These guys and girls will be able to put on a host of incredible displays which will leave you amazed. It’s important to remember they’re trained performers who know what they’re doing. Don’t pick up and play with their equipment yourself.

8. Water Gun Party

What could be more fun than getting wet and wild with a pistol this summer? Water gun fights aren’t just for the kids anymore. Stock up on all the basic supplies – such as the guns themselves (you can find cheap ones anywhere), water balloons and an ample supply of H20.

Whether you want to organise teams, or just have everyone attack each other in a mass free-for-all, nothing could be more primitively fun than running about dousing people in water. Make sure you use a clean source though – nobody wants smelly clothes afterwards.

A pro tip with this one comes from remembering to keep the food stocked well away from where the main activities will take place (preferably inside a house). Sodden food isn’t the most appetising.

CEP services:

While you won’t need much more than the basics at a party like this (that is to say, water and the guns), you can always bolster the event with additional services. Hire out some CEP confectionary to provide guests with a sweet snack and help keep their sugar levels primed throughout the day. 

9. Star Gazing

Concluding our list is one of the simplest ideas out there. Why not think about hosting a party where you can lay down on the grass and stare out into the beautiful night sky? Take in the stars either by looking through a telescope or, more feasibly, setting out comfortable mats and staring off into the distance.

The one detractor with this kind of party comes from the unreliability factor of the weather. If it’s raining or overcast, you won’t be able to experience the joys of the stars quite as much. Try your best to pick a night when you think it’s going to be clear, or turn the event into a last-minute movie night.

Aside from the main entertainment, you can provide a banquet for guests and night-time entertainment.

CEP services:

What could be more perfect than a giant LED star to stand in the middle of the event? This would not only work with the theme, but also provides ambient mood lighting. The perfect blend of both worlds.


10. BBQ

For a taste (literally) of the South of America, you can invest in a BBQ this summer. This grilled greatness has earned universal acclaim throughout the years, and should definitely be on your mind when it comes to a potential theme for the warmer months.

If you want to be a little different, you can think outside the box and bring in different meats from all around the world to try cooking. Multiculturalism has been championed as a concept in recent years – and you can add to that by working on a set of meats which aren’t traditional cuts.

Also feel free to invite your guests to bring their own sides and sauces. Encourage them to make these communal so you can test and taste one and other’s creations. Maybe even make this into a contest if you think people are up for the challenge.

CEP services:

If you want to go down the American route, our Independence Day acts are again a good shout. What says a Texan BBQ like red, white and blue draped all over the place?

Have these summer party ideas got your creative juices flowing for the coming months? Try one of these creative themes and discover just how fun your summer could be. Let the CEP team steer you along the right path with the bevy of amazing services we provide.